Sunday, June 25, 2017

Be Consistent

If Christians started telling women (in general, not just in their denominations) to "cover themselves" again, especially from head to toe, such as being forced to wear some sort of head-covering, Western Feminists would flip their shit. And rightfully so. But Muslims doing it is somehow "ok", because "that's their culture", and "the women choose to". Never mind that many actually DON'T have a "choice", and the only reason most "choose" to wear a Hijab, is because if they don't, they'll be viewed or labeled as a "Whore", and their very lives might even be in danger.

The idea behind making women cover their bodies (and hair, and even faces), is the same in Islam now, as it was for centuries in Christianity. It's no "mandate from God". It's making women cover up their God-given natural beauty, because "it's too alluring, distracting and tempting for men". Mind you, I do NOT subscribe to "Rape Culture" bullshit. But I DO have common sense, and recognize that we should live in a society where EVERYONE, women included, can feel free, comfortable, and safe, to dress however they want, even if they are completely nude.

The fact that we live in the 21st Century, and so many tens of millions of human beings still somehow view the human body as "dirty" and "sinful", something to hide and be ashamed of, is actually embarrassing in it's staggering ignorance. Modesty by choice is one thing, but prudity via enforced cultural shaming, is quite another. In my view, as a straight male, we should be able to live in a society where it is OK for men to look at, appreciate, and even celebrate their love of the female form, while at the same time women can also feel completely comfortable and safe. Some might call that "Utopian". I call it "something that has literally existed before", if you look back far enough at many ancient societies.

But coming back to the point, people need to be consistent. If it isn't okay for "White Christians" to tell women to cover themselves, then it isn't okay for Muslims to do it either. Period. Be consistent. If you stand for something, STAND for it, not just where it's safe and convenient. Otherwise, you're nothing but a phony and a hypocrite. Food for thought.

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