Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Group-Think and Individualism

It's sad how that guy from Google people are talking about, was fired for spreading an "anti-diversity" campaign. Except that's not what he did. His overall point (if you actually read it) was to treat people as individuals, on a case by case basis, NOT as simply part of their group (IE black, Hispanic, Muslim, female, LGBT, etc.). Which is exactly how people SHOULD be treated, and regarded, as individuals, who are unique and not part of a larger mold. Everyone, even people within certain so-called "Groups", are different. 

He was basically fired because the fine people in charge at Google, are apparently the SJW types who don't believe people SHOULD be treated as individuals. The kind of people who call out women or LGBT or blacks (as examples) for "betraying their own kind, or internalized sexism/racism/etcism" for simply daring to think for themselves and have their own views on things, separate from the echo chamber. It really strikes me, from the way these people act, that they expect all women/feminists should act and think the same, that all blacks should act/think the same, that all LGBT people should act/think the same, etc. etc. etc. And that idea is beyond disturbing, because it implies that there is no room for Diversity of thought, belief and personality, within this "Diverse" world they claim to be trying to build for the betterment of everyone. 

It's amazing to me, as a so-called "Progressive", that these kinds of idiots claim to be "Progressive", that they claim to value individuality and choice and personal agency, yet act threatened when you challenge their established rhetoric even the slightest bit. And mind you, this isn't unique to "Liberals", people such as the Alt-Right or extremist Religious folks act the exact same way. Here's the major problem with that: If your ideals cannot stand up to dissent or even the tiniest bit of criticism or debate, those ideals are worth less than nothing. If any other thoughts outside of the specific "Safe Space Bubble" that you wish to create, are seen as THREATS...well, I hate to break it to you, but that's called fascism. Intellectual Fascism as the very least, and ANTI-Intellectual as well.

It's just ridiculous, and pretty frightening, when an alleged value for "Diversity", doesn't actually value Diversity. 

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